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Jana Rice said

at 5:08 pm on Jul 9, 2010

Hello Everyone,
This past Tuesday Pam, Kay, and I met (and Heather via cell phone!) to add to the first course template that Heather had created. Working on this caused me to think about how we as course designers need to write instructional objectives, learning activities, and how we should write questions to promote higher level and critical thinking skills. In the education courses I teach, we introduce students to the work of Benjamin Bloom and how using his theory can help them as future teachers develop lesson plans with objectives, questions, etc.....all this to say, when I did an online search, many viable websites, links, and images came up...so it's been very difficult for me to narrow the resource list down.

I want to use some of this in the communication and motivation module, but I want to share with you some links which will hopefully assist all of us when writing our modules. You all may know about Bloom's original taxonomy, but in the 1990's, a new revised taxonomy was developed.

I am including links we can visit to assist us in writing the most effective objectives and questions for the course modules....hope these help!

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