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Required Materials

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Proposed Textbooks:

Engaging the Online Learner

This book will be used by the course developers...the students will not actually see this book until it is referenced at the end of the course.--purchase optional. 

Conrad and Donaldson

ISBN:  0787966673


Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology (2nd Edition)

This book will be used for the first and second course in this certification.  Students will use it for content in the first course, and application in the second course.  

Reiser and Dempsey

ISBN: 0131708058


Required Notebook Portfolio:

The purpose of the notebook course portfolio is to teach the student to become organized in an online environment.  At course completion, it becomes a reference source for the student to use in the future.


The student must submit the completed course notebook portfolio to the course instructor, either electronically or a hard copy by mail for a grade.


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